Loving all leads to peace –
we had learnt in school.
At home, we were taught
that to disrespect was not cool

Service before self I knew
Duty to those in need
Equality, honesty, temperance
were true virtues indeed.

And then I moved to college
and found a different voice
I learnt it was alright to ask
for my rights and my choice

And there I lay confounded

My mind was much confused
Rights or duties – what to choose
What was my path, I mused

Little did I then know
that life was yet to strike
With paths and trails yet unknown
That I must learn to hitchhike

Every step I took I learnt –
Life is a resolute teacher
I learnt to keep trudging on
Life never gives a breather

I learnt, nothing is monochrome
There’s always shades of gray
Yin is always with a yang –
no matter what they say

I learnt to smile and hope –
When all I had was lost
To hear that tiny voice inside
when the coin was tossed.

I saw that every bad
Had good stuck on its back
So I used temperence
and learnt to cut some slack

In hours of need in life
those lessons came like manna
I learnt to always find the good
and I became Pollyanna!