When I step out into the pack
not knowing what lies ahead;
and plunge into the unknown
in a leap of faith, willing to learn –
with not a rail to hold;
I’m bold

When I’m not afraid to bite
a little more than I can chew;
And hear the naysayers, but still believe
the silver lining
is mine to behold;
I’m bold

When I go beyond the call of duty
to just listen, and be there;
and let go of my prejudices,
acknowledge people and their ideas,
and find possibilities unfold;
I’m bold.

When I merge into the mosaic
of the world I inhabit;
and still hold on to my spark, my core;
I am in harmony with the new
while making the best of the old;
I’m bold.

When I’m calm while the storm rages
rocking my safe universe;
and I can smile and move forward
thankful for what I become each day,
Looking forward to stories yet untold;
I’m bold