As I looked out one evening,

from my daily evening perch,

I saw two birds

on the building across the road.

While one seemed to look out,

keeping a tab

on the world spinning around;

the other seemed to have turned away

from the world and its shenanigans.

I know not if they came together,

or had plans for the evening.

I know not if they were related,

or they were two strangers on that rail,

brought together in that moment.

And why must we need

a relationship, a background, a backdrop?

In that moment,

they were there,

together on that terrace,

as dusk fell around them.


They spoke of their days and lives,

shared their beautiful moments,

listened patiently

as the other unloaded their share

of daily grind and toil.

They had come a long way

in their journeys;

and stopped there to rest a while,

take a pitstop, so to say,

on those rails –

there, on that darkening terrace,

before they went their ways.


And then one bird said to the other –

I feel better, having met you.

So thank you for your time,

and your patient ear.

But dusk now slips into the night,

and we must leave.

The silence of the darkness in unnerving

and I am afraid

that this mystic fog

is out to get us.

Let us fly off

to the safety of our homes,

before this blackness swallows us whole.


And then the other bird spoke;

Yes, the night is terrifying.

Unwanted and uninvited,

this shadow has befallen our world

and brought about

extensive pain and miseries.

But don’t fret, have faith;

release your worries now.

As dark as the night may be,

it cannot triumph over the sun.

Yes, it will bring some changes,

new ways of life and living.

And when all is done,

and the fight is won,

beautiful, soft and salmon pink –

a new dawn will come.