We humans love to race –
against months, quarters, years;
against each other – to make bigger and better things;
against ourselves – and our well being.
Making more, selling more – of things that we pay for,
for momentary pleasures,
with precious moments of our lives.
Moments that we could have spent –
with family, learning from the past and building the future;
with friends, building memories;
and ourselves, building a better human and a wholesome soul.
We make status symbols out of meaningless things
– of our long hours and ‘busy’ness
– of our short ‘me’ times
– of our carbon footprints messing with the world.
We make boundaries of gender, race, class, religion, countries.
We find a way to emerge the winner in the race.
We find a means to make ourselves superior to all else.
We find a reason for you vs. me.
And we take pride
– in missing special days
– not investing enough in making relationships
– in being absent from our own lives.
And we never learn.
– not when we see men and women falling like ninepins of stress and sickness
– not when we see the world collapsing around us
– not until it has reached us and there’s nothing that can be done,
because we gave our all to top lines and bottom lines,
and did not leave much of us,
for ourselves.
Perhaps there is still time.
Perhaps there is one more chance.
Perhaps we should seize this day,
press the reset button on our mindsets,
and start again from the start.