We make plans.
Long term plans, short term plans,

five year plans, weekly plans,

personal, professional, financial plans….

and we measure ourselves –

daily, weekly, monthly.

Checking bottom-lines, against benchmarks;

pitching ourselves against others –

colleagues, neighbors, friends…

and we never seem to have enough.

The checkboxes stay unticked

against milestones to be achieved,

as time keeps ticking by.

Goalposts, targets, breakthroughs, wins…

our brain in overdrive.

Our brain – that is sensible and wise,

practical, logical, reasonable.

Calculating the balance sheet of life –

permutations and combinations

to maximize profits, minimize losses,

accounting for risks and returns on investments.

But the numbers never add up –

we´re always short of the line.

For the brain – it analyses

within the confines of time and space.

But the heart….

it courses on paths unknown.

It senses, feels…it dreams and knows

our deepest needs and wants.

It courses the uncharted,

clinches the intangible,

for it knows not the confines

of impractical or impossible.

So fret not,

when you fall behind the milestones;

fret not when nothing goes to plan.

You must believe and you will receive

what is truly yours to take.

The plans and goals won´t mean a thing,

for when the heart takes over,

the universe is ours to claim,

and miracles ours to make.