My little girl believes in Santa Claus.

All year through, she tries to be a good girl:

Just so she does not miss on the gifts

Santa showers on her at Christmas.

Why, He even decorates her Christmas tree!

She does not mind at all

that he uses her tinkling Diwali lights.

Rather, she lauds his resourcefulness.

¨Cool, is he not? Hanging those lights on the tree!¨

And those Happy Diwali fireworks.

Well… they are always Diwali fireworks for her

even if they´re celebrating Halloween.

(Yeah, she loves Halloween), and the night sky

and wonders why the moon follows her everywhere.

¨Because he is my friend¨, she concludes.

She does not know that the crescent moon

belongs to Eid, the full moon to Poornima;

and in between, to many faiths and Gods.

She believes in prayer – Krishna her favorite God.

So when I take her to Church one day,

she takes one look at Baby Jesus

and starts to sing her little Krishna lullaby.

A tad  worried, lest someone hears,

I shushh her, ¨this is Jesus, not Krishna¨.

¨But Ma!, YOU said God is one!¨ she protests.

Faltering, fumbling for words, I explain

the many religions, the many Gods.

¨So who is the real God?¨ She asks,

processing all the information

I have freshly downloaded to her.

Words fail me before I even try,

for I am but a woman of limited Intellect.

Therefore I entreat: will the Real God

please stand up and answer?