She came into my life like the Spring

Painting my black and white bowers

With her dazzling orange of the Daffodils

And sparkling yellow of mustard flowers


She rang in like the soothing chimes

Of temple bells during evening prayers

The mellow tunes of a lullaby at bedtime

The soft comforting whispers of Soothsayers


She is the mark of exclamation

In my life without a punctuation mark

Making me stop and smell the roses

Rolling on grass; counting stars in the dark


She’s the warmth on wet, chilly nights

When damp wood makes the fires die

The touch of little hands on my tired body

A Balm for the soul…chapped and dry


She is the gift, most prized and precious

The essence of Love, on me bestowed!

She’s taught me the meaning of life anew

A wondrous turn, on my life’s dull road.